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Opinion Piece on Math Education

I have written an opinion piece in math education that was published in the Lexington Minuteman on October 9, 2008 under the (slightly inaccurate) title "Math is key to success in the world economy". It seems to be no longer available on the Lexington Minuteman, so I've posted the original on scribed.

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Mr. Gelston said...

I read your article in the Minuteman and it was brilliant. Outside of the fact you write beautifully, you hit on the most important issues of our time in Mathematics.

The greatest challenge that we face today in Mathematics Education is to make sure that we disconnect our past failures with tomorrow's successes. There is so much more to teaching math then there was when we were children.

We are fortunate to have you as a resource in our community to fill in as a top quality professional tutor who knows how to use the latest educational techniques that are supported by research.

Bravo to you Peter Ash.

Barry Gelston