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Coded arithmetic puzzles

In a course I am developing, I want to give out some math problems for people to work on that should be in the grasp of adults without much math background at all. One such problem is what I call "coded arithmetic puzzles". The commonest example I know is "Send More Money": Solve S E N D + M O R E = M O N E Y, where each of the 8 different letters in the equation represents a different digit.

I would like to find a collection of these types of puzzles that would enable me to give different classes different puzzles. The puzzles should not be too tedious and should not require too much cleverness; in other words of the difficulty of Send More Money, or easier. Perhaps someone has written a program that would generate puzzles of this sort.

Does anyone know if there is a formal name for this type of problem? "Coded arithmetic puzzles" is not a very helpful Google search.

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