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NES/MAA Meeting

The NES/MAA meeting I mentioned in my last post was held at Salve Regina University, which is located on the grounds of an opulent mansion on the ocean at Newport Rhode Island. There were a number of interesting invited presentations. I particularly enjoyed the talk by David Abrahamson and Rebecca Sparks on Baseball Statistics and Keith Conrad's talk on Check Digits (in credit card numbers, etc.). Both dealt with fairly elementary mathematics, but related the results to the everyday world in a compelling way.

Ed Burger's Battles Lecture on p-adic norms was a bit more technical, but Ed's high-energy and humorous style of presentation made the medicine go down very well.

My presentation on The Pythagorean Theorem (Revisited) was well received. I was a bit surprised and gratified that none of the mathematics professors or students previously knew the main theorem I was presenting, the Pythagorean Theorem for right tetrahedrons.

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